Scholarships for Single Fathers (Dads)

Scholarships for single fathers are increasingly becoming more common in the times that we live in as college tuition costs rise and personal income falls. Like most single fathers today, many of you have a desire to continue your education so that you can not only move up in the income bracket, but also to ensure yourself that you will have a job in the hard times that have come; and probably are coming again, to America.

Like the both of us know, not only as a man, but more importantly, a father, it is your "God-given" duty to make sure that your family is as financially and physically comfortable as possible. Due to this, you owe it to your kids to pursue anything that will enhance their livelihoods and open up doors to them that may not have been open to you whenever you were growing up.

In addition to scholarships, the American government has also created several pell grants that serve to give out free college grants for single fathers. From what I've researched, this country's financial aid programs gave out a budget of $30 BILLION for a federal benefaction (federal grants), and an amount of about $40 BILLION for the state benefaction (state grants). If that's not enough to help single dads such as yourself finish college, then nothing will!

By the way, your taxes will be covered with the financial aid that the American government provides, but you must have your FAFSA application "signed-sealed-delivered" to make sure you get all of the tax breaks that have been made available for you. As another advantage, the money has been charged with no interest (its interest free) which means that the federal government will take care of all the financial costs!

Moreover, in regards to what I just stated up above, the education tax credit for universities is now at a maximum of $2,500.

Also, another way to get scholarships for single fathers would be to visit such websites as [1] FAFSA, [2] Funding Education Beyond High School, [3] Student Aid on the Web, and [4] Student Financial Calculators. The sites I just mentioned can help you even further with receiving the free grant of your choosing, so visit them whenever you have the time, my friend.

However, with the FAFSA form, it's recommended that you fill the form out early in January, which is when most colleges accept college scholarship applications! Like I said earlier, you'll want to have the thing fully filled out and completed as possible, which includes a copy of your tax records, your social security numbers, a record of a recent paycheck, and other information as well! This way, you can qualify for the highest amount of financial assistance that the government will freely give you.

Moreover, in your own search for free scholarships for single fathers, be sure to ask the school's that you'd like to attend (online or physically in a classroom), what type of financial aid assistance they offer to parent's, and if you can narrow it down; single fathers! Being determined like this will set you apart from other student's, as most college students (and people in general) are extremely lazy when it comes to completing what needs to be done!

Last but not least, I'd recommend that you ask people in your local community what education opportunities that they know of. Who knows, maybe they are "in cahoots" with somebody who works at a college (or knows somebody that does), which means that they might put in "the good word" for you that can help you get the scholarship that you're coveting after.

Would you like to receive free Scholarships for Single Fathers and you're tired of wasting time searching around? If so, click on the link to get college Scholarships for Single Parents, because even if you're single, you're college tuition fees may not have to double!

Scholarships for Single Fathers

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  4. james says:

    i am constantly looking for grants or scholarships to help pay my tuition but as i am a single father but i am always running into dummy sites that are set up by schools to get you to go to their school. what should i do

    • Thomas Anderson says:

      James, did you read the information contained on this page and act on it? Luckily for you, I do *not* run one of those "scammy" sites that are made to set you up with their "school of choice"...

      Hey James, thanks for the comment, bro'!

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